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Long Island NY Social Security Disability Law Blog

Hiring freeze impacting the SSD benefits application process

Most New York residents are aware of the application process individuals must go through in order to obtain Social Security disability benefits. Even though an applicant can expect to go through a lengthy and difficult process, he or she will still take the time to apply for these benefits because they are seeking payments that are necessary. Nonetheless, the backlog that continues to build up causes a growing number of applicants to wait a significant amount of time for SSD benefits they are still unsure if they qualify for.

Following the recent federal hiring freeze, much concern surrounded the application process for disabled veterans and individuals seeking Social Security disability. Due to the hiring freeze, the Social Security Administration has experienced a growing backlog of applicants waiting to hear a decision on whether they will receive benefits or not.

Does returning to work impact workers' compensation benefits?

Suffering an injury in a workplace accident is usually an unexpected incident. While most employees are aware of the potential dangers in the work environment, not all risks are obvious and apparent. Thus, employers are often expected to provide safety equipment and training to help prevent potential accidents in the workplace. Nonetheless, these incidents still occur, causing the need for injured workers to take time off from work to recover.

Following a workplace accident, an injured worker is entitled to various benefits from the workers' compensation system. This includes medical care and access to all reasonably necessary treatment to cure or relieve the effects of the injury.

Obtaining the workers' compensation benefits you need

Being injured on the job is often an unexpected event. This type of incident not only catches a worker off guard, but it could also cause the injured worker to miss a huge chunk of work while recovering from the injury. This could make it difficult to cover medical expenses and even pay the bills while experiencing lost wages. In these matters, applying for workers' compensation benefits can make a world of a difference for New York residents.

With regards to injured federal employees, the Department of Labor established the Office of Workers' Compensation Programs. The OWCP administers four major disability compensation programs that are designed to provide federal workers, as well as their dependents, benefits when they are injured at the workplace or acquire an occupational disease.

Helping you collect the SSD benefits you are entitled to

No one expects to suffer an injury due to a serious accident. But, too many Americans find themselves in this predicament each year. And, due to a serious accident, a victim might be living with a disabling condition, preventing that person from returning to normal life. Even more so, the injured victim may be unable to return to a job or maintain gainful employment. Such a situation can be extremely detrimental, making it nearly impossible to cover medical expenses and the cost of living.

A disabling injury often re-writes a person's entire life. These people are unable to live life as they once could, and now they are living a modified version of their life with pain and financial hardship. At our law firm, we understand the difficulties that a debilitating injury can cause. Therefore, we are dedicated to serving residents in the Long Island area navigate a Social Security Disability claim.

Those with a rare illness may apply for disability benefits

Being diagnosed with a serious illness is always emotionally devastating, but that may be especially true when the illness is a rare one. Treating rare illnesses can be expensive and others may have a hard time understanding the illness. Having the right support system is important for one's well-being, but a person in New York with a rare illness may also need financial help, particularly if their illness is debilitating enough to keep them from being able to work.

When this happens, a person with a rare illness may want to seek Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. However, in determining whether to approve a person's application for benefits, the person must be deemed "totally and permanently disabled" by the Social Security Administration (SSA). This means that the person's illness must last at least 12 month or be fatal. The SSA maintains a listing of medical disorders that may constitute a disability, if certain requirements are met. This listing is known as the "Blue Book."

What information is needed when applying for SSD benefits?

When a person in Long Island suffers an injury or illness and cannot work, they may be concerned about their finances. How will they support themselves and their family? Not only does one have to pay for their everyday expenses, such as food, clothing and housing, but also their medical condition. These include doctor's bills and other associated costs. This situation can be especially trying if the illness or injury permanently keeps them from work. When this happens, a person may want to consider filing for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits.

While a person can apply for SSD benefits online, it is still important to prepare the necessary information to complete their application. For example, they will need to document whether they are married, when they last worked, when their injury or illness became disabling, the names and contact information of the physicians they have seen, when they visited their physicians for treatment of their disabling injury or illness and any medical tests they had and what medications they are on.

New York attorneys help those seeking workers' compensation

Just about any worker in New York can be injured on the job. Some jobs, such as those in the construction or manufacturing industries, are inherently dangerous as they often entail working with heavy machinery or working at great heights. However, even office workers could be injured at work. For example, an office worker could strain his or her back lifting a heavy box or he or she could develop a repetitive stress injury by having to spend many hours in front of a computer typing.

No matter how an injury at work happens, it is good to know that under New York law, nearly all employers are required to provide injured employees with workers' compensation benefits, if the employee is injured at work. Unfortunately, many initial claims for benefits are denied.

Who is an employee for workers' compensation purposes?

Being injured on the job can take its toll, physically, mentally and financially. For these reasons, those who are considered to be employees in New York may be entitled to workers' compensation benefits, if they suffer an injury at work.

Per New York's workers' compensation law, several factors determine whether a person is considered an employee, and thus entitled to workers' compensation benefits. One factor is the right to control. If a person or business entity controls the way that a worker has to perform his or her job duties, then that worker may be an employee. Conversely, if the worker maintains control over the way he or she performs his or her job duties. as well as when he or she works, that worker may be an independent contractor, who is not covered by workers' comp.

Accidents following the Super Bowl may lead to serious injuries

This weekend marks the end of a long National Football League season culminating with the biggest sporting event of the year, the Super Bowl. While many sports fans embrace the event, many non-football fans are happy to see that they may get their significant other's back for Sunday afternoons.

New York Jets legend Gastineau talks about head injuries

In the past, we have spoken about dangers in the workplace. American football fans in the New York area may remember long time New York Jet Mark Gastineau. Along with fellow defensive teammates Joe Klecko, Marty Lyons and Abdul Salaam, Gastineau was part of the legendary "New York Sack Exchange", notorious in the 1980's for their successful pass rush. Gastineau was among the best of his era, retiring in 1988 with over 100 sacks in his career.


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